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On ALBEMARLE ROAD stands one Restaurant that is open for more than 24 years focusing on quality food served promptly in a warm family atmoshpere, and seeks to provide the best service it can to all of Esast Charlotte and neigborhood townships. This restaurant is the SUNRISE FAMILY RESTAURANT.

Resturant Some customers were kids and now adults, some adults now senior citizens have been customers all these years proudly telling everybody about their experience at Sunrise. Serving all three meals(breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be hard for anybody not to find something to order in our big menu selections.

Next time you find yourself looking around for a family restaurant, want to meet old friends and family to enjoy together a family meal, why not make Sunrise your choice. You will love it with the first visit.

Serving breakfast all day, with our signature homemade biscuits with honey or biscuits with the southern style sausage gravy and the grits are items will make you drive any distance to come and enjoy. And from our big selections of specials, home cooking meals and vegetables, fish dinners, steak, pastas, salads, sandwiches and kids meals the whole family will find something different to order every time you are visiting Sunrise.

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